May Revival Begin with Us

The Birth of Seek Week 

For decades, every entity of Life Action Ministries— Life Action, Revive Our Hearts, and OneCry—has agreed to set aside a week each year to gather together to seek God in unison. The staff comes from all over the country, and often world, for a time of personal and corporate revival. We call it Seek Week. As a ministry dedicated to revival, we are passionate about modeling the message we’re sharing with the world.

From its start, Life Action Ministries had a vision to see local churches take extended time to seek the Lord, to pause their activities and turn their hearts to God for a time of restoration, renewal, and revival. Our founder, Del Fehsenfeld Jr., stopped to wonder how we could be asking churches to do that if the ministry itself wasn’t taking time to do the same. As a result, Seek Week was implemented.

Every year, for the past fifty years, we have set aside extended time to seek the Lord, scaling back our activities significantly. We unite in asking God to meet with us first before we go forth to minister to others. We realize there’s power in modeling what we are asking of others. —Byron Paulus, CEO-Emeritus of Life Action Ministries

Behind the Scenes 

Revive Our Hearts believes in calling women to revival, and it’s a message that has been strongly impressed on Nancy’s heart.

My prayer has been that God will send a widespread revival among His people in our day. —Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth

We place great emphasis on a personal devotional life, of seeking God on a daily basis and turning our focus to Him in every area of life. Before we can help women experience this life of thriving in Christ, we know revival has to begin in the hearts of our own staff.

“You who seek God, let your hearts revive.” —Psalm 69:32 ESV

At Seek Week every year, our team comes together alongside the rest of Life Action Ministries to worship, humble our hearts, confess any areas we need to repent of sin, and ask the Lord to work in our personal lives and ministry. We desire to be an example of what we’re praying for in the lives of women around the world. This time of worship and discernment sets the course of our ministry for the next year and unites each facet of Life Action Ministries in a deeper way. As Byron notes, when God “restores our vertical relationship with Him, out of that flows all the horizontal outcomes.”

As our ministry has grown and become dispersed domestically and globally, Seek Week remains a cherished oasis of relational collectivity and connection: a time when we look forward to seeing everyone face to face while celebrating and enjoying the unity, vibrancy, and diversity of our staff and their families.

—Del Fehsenfeld III, Pastoral Services Director of Life Action Ministries

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Del Fehsenfeld

Del Fehsenfeld

Del Fehsenfeld completed a Master’s Degree in marriage and family therapy and worked as a counselor before joining Life Action Ministries in 1996. Del is involved in a combination of writing, counseling, and speaking responsibilities. He and his wife, Debra, … read more …