Revive Our Hearts or Revive My Heart?

The humble will see it and rejoice. You who seek God, take heart! —Psalm 69:32

The Revive Our Hearts South Africa team receives many requests from women asking how they can get involved in what God is doing through the ministry. My first response is usually to say:

• Listen to the podcasts.
• Sign up for the WhatsApp groups and monthly newsletter.
• Read our books.

While I was having that conversation with a woman recently, I felt a new answer rise to the surface of my heart. “The first step to becoming involved is to say, ‘Revive my heart,’” I answered.

We can easily miss the meaning of the name Revive Our Hearts and just see it as the name of the ministry. We can easily share and like all the resources and not have it change our own lives. However, when you and I pray, “Lord, revive my heart,” we become part of a group of tens of thousands of women all over the world that call themselves Revive Our Hearts. Why not pray that simple prayer right now?

Lord, revive my heart. Amen.

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Retha de Villiers

Retha de Villiers

Retha has been happily married since 1985 to Jannie, a true man of God, and she is the mother of two sons, one daughter, and two daughters-in-law. She loves teaching the Word of God to other women. At True Woman … read more …