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Letter from Nancy

Dear Friend,

When my husband, Robert, and I wrote You Can Trust God to Write Your Story in 2019, we could not have envisioned what 2020 would look like. We could not have imagined that our world would be reeling from a pandemic, economic freefall, extreme political polarization, and intense racial tensions . . . and, at a more personal level, that we would be dealing with Robert’s cancer.

Trusting God isn’t just a nebulous theological concept to us; it’s something we’re needing to walk in every day.

Even as the earth seems to be shaking beneath us in this season, we keep reminding ourselves of this one, unshakable, unchang- ing reality:

Heaven rules!

This confidence is a life preserver; it steadies our hearts when fear and uncertainty threaten to overwhelm us. The assurance that “heaven rules” is how it can be said of women of God:

Strength and dignity are her clothing,
And she smiles at the future. (Prov. 31:25 NASB)

Day after day, I rejoice to hear of women around the world who illustrate this verse. In challenging times, their faith in the unshakable character of God is strong and flourishing. They are learning to trust God in the midst of uncertainty and are finding new opportunities to share the gospel. And women’s ministry leaders have had their faith deepened as they learn to minister and shepherd in fresh ways. You’ll read about some of these women in this update from Revive Our Hearts.

No matter what is yet to come in the future, we can smile; we can remain unshaken. We really can trust Him to write our story, which is part of a far bigger, grander, eternal Story of redemption He is writing in our world.

In whatever circumstances you may be facing today, may you be clothed with strength (His strength) and dignity. May your heart be grounded in this unchanging, rock-solid truth: God is present in the midst of your troubles. He is your refuge, your strength, and your unfailing hope.


Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth

We’re celebrating one year since the release of
Nancy and Robert’s first book together. Many
lives have been impacted through stories of God’s
proven faithfulness woven throughout the book.
Nancy and Robert didn’t know then the difficulties
this year would present, but they continue to live
out the book’s title, unshaken in their faith. Whatever storms or challenges come, you really can trust God with your life.
The Lord has used You Can Trust God to Write Your Story mightily to encourage me in my jour- ney of faith. I have known the Lord since I was a young child (since I was six and now I’m sixty).
Given the many challenges I have faced over the years, I really strug- gle not to be anxious. This book has given me a new perspective on the “journey of trust.” I can also identify with Nancy’s pain of the sudden loss of losing a brother. I could not put the book down and read it in one day! —Evelyn


Unshaken: Seeds of Hope Scattered Throughout Europe

United, a Band of Fifteen Pushes Forward in Italy

“I have a deep desire to call women to freedom, fullness, and fruitful- ness in Christ in this country,” says Dorcas Hortado. “I want to be a channel of His grace.” Born in Bolivia, Dorcas has lived in Italy for more than twelve years.

Though the virus devastated her country, Dorcas found comfort as God used His people. “In the beginning,” she says, “everything was completely devastated. There was mourning everywhere: pain, fear, anxiety, much regret.” Then she noticed something special in the children. “They began to spread a precious message, andra tutto bene (all will be fine). During this time, the Church kept praying and asking for mercy.”

Dorcas reports that the lockdown has blossomed into an im- portant and special time for the Donna Vera (True Woman) group in Italy: “We were constantly praying, organized in small prayer groups by WhatsApp, every morning from Monday to Saturday. It was and is a sweet time.”

Now, via WhatsApp, the women have two groups totaling about 100 people who are reading or listening to the translated version of Seeking Him while they work to build a similar following on Face- book. They hope to eventually record Revive Our Hearts podcasts in Italian. “Personally, God used these resources to revive my heart,” Dorcas says. “I found the living water, which quenched my thirst. I found His truth, and I have faith that God will also work to revive the hearts of Italian women.”

Planting Solid Truths in the Fallow Soils of France

“God put a burning passion in my heart for French-speaking women to be able to access [Revive Our Hearts] teachings in French,” reflects Mary Anne Piaget, a Canadian who’s been living in French- speaking Switzerland for more than forty years. “I am convinced that other women will also recognize the worth of these teachings once they are exposed to them.”

Little by little, that’s what is happening, even in the midst of the pandemic.

The French team’s first podcast series aired on April 13. They had no idea while in production that its theme would speak directly to the needs of that day: “How to Have a Quiet Heart—Psalm 131.”

Praying More, Reaching More, Says the German-Language Team

As a native Guatemalan living in Germany for twenty-three years, Yadira Erchila-Gorek had big dreams: “Being a witness of what the Holy Spirit is doing in Latin America where the ROH teachings are spreading like wildfire, I dared to ask the Lord to do the same in Europe. I asked Him for women who would be willing to serve Him by translating the resources into Ger- man. He has wonderfully responded,” Yadira says. “We currently have a team of thirty women supporting Belebe Unsere Herzen as well as several international groups praying for revival.”

Now, more than 800 women in Austria, Germany, and Switzerland are receiving Seeking Him in German. The team has also translated their first podcast series on "Psalm 46: A Mighty Fortress is Our God."

Has the pandemic halted progress? Not at all, according to Yadira. “In this difficult time, the Lord has moved us to pray more. We are sharing and spreading the teaching more than ever.”

Defined by Christ

Our sisters in Europe are working together, tirelessly persistent in their desire to cling to Christ while showing others that He is, indeed, a valued treasure, worthy to be desired. Says Yadira, “We are sowers of the seed, and we pray that it will fall on fertile ground and bear the fruit of eternal life.”


Spread This, Not That

Despite a worldwide pandemic, the global initiative of Revive Our Hearts marches on. Here are a few ways we’re sending our message around the world!

  • Our Abigail and Elizabeth Bible studies have been translated and released in Spanish as ebooks, each with videos produced by our Spanish-language ministry, Aviva Nuestros Corazones (ANC). One video already has 17,000 views!

  • Revive Our Hearts South Africa will record, produce, and edit Bible teaching podcast series in Afrikaans at Patmos Recording Studios in Pretoria.

  • Aviva Nossos Corações (ROH Portuguese) is working to establish an official presence in Brazil so they can receive ministry donations and engage in ministry operations.

  • Production is complete on the first forty ROH podcasts in Farsi. Sabrina Aslan is preparing to record sixty more!

  • Radio Shema has aired more than eighty-five ROH programs in Turkish.

  • A group of eight women from Belgium and the Netherlands met in January to make plans for translating ROH material into Dutch.

Did You Know?
Revive Our Hearts material will be available in at least ten lan- guages in 2020: Afrikaans, Dutch, English, Farsi, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, and Turkish!

An Unshakable Leader

Women’s ministry leaders around the world are answering God’s call to sacrificial recent months, the island has suffered multiple earthquakes and now leadership. For Denisse Cabrera, it meant canceling her plans to attend Mujer Verdadera '20 in Monterrey, Mexico, with her teenage daughter.

The Lord asked her to remain by her husband’s side—he’s a pastor and director of a church planting network in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Felix Cabrera was adapting overnight to new methods of ministry in the coronavirus pandemic—and she was needed there. Denisse recognized that her disappointing loss was insignificant compared to a divine opportunity to live out what she’s learned from Aviva Nuestros Corazones and now teaches to other women.

When the women of Denisse’s church, Iglesia Bautista Ciudad de Dios, turned to Denisse for counsel, she lost no time setting up virtual disci- pleship, prayer meetings, and a Bible study even though she describes herself as a novice in technology. As Denisse met the increasing needs of hurting and anxious women, she knew God’s priority for ministry leaders is to serve their family first—and she’s experiencing the bless- ings of following His ways. Felix Cabrera praises his wife:

Denisse is a gift of God's providence in my life. She loves God, she is a woman of prayer and of the Word, she loves and prays for me, she both serves and accompanies me, dreams with me and takes risks with me in my ministerial adventures.

The Cabrera family remains steadfast in their mission to serve their church and community. They view the current crisis as a reminder of our deep need for God. Their lives are built upon the unchanging truth that no matter what happens “if the only thing we have is God, then we have everything we need.”

Puerto Ricans have been hit hard since Hurricane Maria in 2017. In recent months, the island has suffered multiple earthquakes and now COVID-19. During these turbulent times, their one-year-old church is God can be trusted and is growing deep roots of faith and compassion. Iglesia Bautista Ciudad de Dios mobilized to support Pastor Cabrera’s food relief distribution plan that reached across the entire island.

While lives are being transformed all around them, Denisse’s life is also changing. She’s examining her heart and emotions for things that distract from deepening her relationship with Christ. Even when the ground shakes beneath her feet, she stands firm on the truth that God is sovereign and sits on the throne in heaven. His Word is shaping her as a leader and transforming her desires:

I want to treasure and long more for Christ. I want to know Him better than before and continue desiring Him more than anything in my life. I want to take advantage of every situation that comes my way as an opportunity to grow, to serve and love others, and to grow deeper in His Word and my love for Him.

Recommissioned and Ready to Go!

Over 400 women’s leaders attended the Revive Our Hearts recommissioned webinar on June 9th to gain a fresh wind and renewed passion for ministry. It was a watershed moment for battle-weary women who have stepped up to lead during this time of crisis.

Ministry leaders Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth and Susan Hunt took time to recognize the steadfast commitment of the leaders attending and to thank them for persevering in this critical hour. Revive Our Hearts team members Leslie Bennett and Erin Davis also opened their Bibles and invited those listening to be refreshed by God’s Word.

Many women who attended the webinar admitted to feeling depleted, lonely, and overwhelmed—like Cheryl:

The webinar was just what I needed. Ministry has been hard these last few months and I didn’t realize how empty I was until Jesus filled me up tonight. Thank you for being used by Him to serve others. The speakers Erin Davis, Leslie Bennett, and Susan Hunt, reminded me of the joy and privilege to know and serve Jesus. Anything less than my full devotion and dedication is a disservice to Him and to my ministry. I am recommissioned and ready to go!

The significance of this spiritual milestone was marked with tears as leaders knelt during a ceremony commending them to “go forth in the power of the risen Christ as envoys of the coming kindom, to bear witness to the love of God, the redemption of Christ, and the comfort of the Holy Spirit.”

Leaders around the globe are already asking for another webinar; Revive Our Hearts is honored to oblige their request, and until then, maintains its daily commitment to strengthen and equip laborers in God’s kingdom.

Unshaken: Global Ambassadors Go Virtual

In a setting vastly different from any year before, the Revive Our Hearts Ambassadors met online for their yearly summit, May 12–14. Transferring to a virtual environment proved to be an adjustment, but for the first time, every ambassador from all over the world was able to take part. One ambassador reflected on the experience:

As this pandemic began, I found myself feeling a bit excited about “sheltering in place.” I realized that I was looking for- ward to a slower pace and a stepping back from the busyness of life and ministry. As the pandemic continued, I realized I was slipping into deep loneliness. I had anticipated Summit 2020 and being with all of my Ambassador sisters. Seeing them and spending time with them was what I needed. But . . . the pandemic. Summit was scheduled to be virtual this year. It just wasn’t going to be the same. But God!

She explains that the online format only boosted the creativity of the Summit’s planners. From a scavenger hunt to special training, from biblical teaching and reflection time to hearing from Nancy, God moved in powerful ways.

God did a work during Summit 2020 as He used this year’s theme, “Cultivating What Matters,” to speak new life into my heart and soul. Through thoughtfully planned garden implements, we were given the very vivid image of the importance of not only the type of soil we are planting in, but also the absolute necessity of tending to what we have planted. We were reminded that it requires the Son, the Living Water, and the daily weeding out of those things that would threaten to choke out the healthy parts. We have everything we need if we simply abide in Him and refresh ourselves daily in His Word (John 15:1–5).

The Lord blessed this time mightily and connected the Ambassadors’ hearts together in a way only He could have done.

I was also reminded how much I need these women I serve alongside. We make each other better. We give each other perspective. We share our “gardening” advice and cheer each other on when we see growth. Thank God for Summit!