Unshaken: Global Ambassadors Go Virtual

In a setting vastly different from any year before, the Revive Our Hearts Ambassadors met online for their yearly summit, May 12–14. Transferring to a virtual environment proved to be an adjustment, but for the first time, every ambassador from all over the world was able to take part. One ambassador reflected on the experience:

As this pandemic began, I found myself feeling a bit excited about “sheltering in place.” I realized that I was looking for- ward to a slower pace and a stepping back from the busyness of life and ministry. As the pandemic continued, I realized I was slipping into deep loneliness. I had anticipated Summit 2020 and being with all of my Ambassador sisters. Seeing them and spending time with them was what I needed. But . . . the pandemic. Summit was scheduled to be virtual this year. It just wasn’t going to be the same. But God!

She explains that the online format only boosted the creativity of the Summit’s planners. From a scavenger hunt to special training, from biblical teaching and reflection time to hearing from Nancy, God moved in powerful ways.

God did a work during Summit 2020 as He used this year’s theme, “Cultivating What Matters,” to speak new life into my heart and soul. Through thoughtfully planned garden implements, we were given the very vivid image of the importance of not only the type of soil we are planting in, but also the absolute necessity of tending to what we have planted. We were reminded that it requires the Son, the Living Water, and the daily weeding out of those things that would threaten to choke out the healthy parts. We have everything we need if we simply abide in Him and refresh ourselves daily in His Word (John 15:1–5).

The Lord blessed this time mightily and connected the Ambassadors’ hearts together in a way only He could have done.

I was also reminded how much I need these women I serve alongside. We make each other better. We give each other perspective. We share our “gardening” advice and cheer each other on when we see growth. Thank God for Summit!