Message 12: An Unexpected Blessing

Sept. 30, 2017 Robyn McKelvy

Independence has always come easier for Robyn than submission. But seeing as submission is God’s idea, Robyn has sought to do just that. Lean in as she explains what godly submission is—and what it is not.

Running Time: 21 minutes


Robyn McKelvy: I get the privilege, thank you, Nancy, or maybe not, of speaking on submission. And not only do I get the privilege of speaking on submission, but telling you about this beautiful thing of strength that God has given to us as women.

And so, you already know, when Nancy introduced me that I have ten kids, but I’m not the only one that had ten kids, so did my mom. I’m number six on a line of ten. There were four boys and six girls, and I was the fifth of six girls, so you had to be independent. I felt like I could do everything I wanted to do in life. Independence was not a problem for me.

My dad was career military. He was pretty stubborn and pretty strong and strict—very strict. And my mom was a 5’1” spitfire. So I was woven from both …


Scripture References

  • Titus 2:3-5

About the Speaker

Robyn McKelvy

Robyn McKelvy

Robyn McKelvy has devoted her life to the care and building up of others—in her home, in the church her husband pastors, and through years of speaking for FamilyLife and at countless women’s events. Robyn has written SOS: Sick of Sex and a devotional book, Say It Loud!: Becoming Your Husband’s Personal Cheerleader. Robyn and her husband, Ray, are parents of seventeen children, seven in heaven and ten amazing souls here on earth, and they are Lolli and Pops to seven grandsons.