Main Sessions

Sept. 25, 2015

  1. The Power of Divine Anointing

    Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth

    Nancy Leigh DeMoss shows you why your ministry will lack true effectiveness unless we've been in the fire of God's presence ourselves.

  2. Teaching the Word in Fear and Fearlessness

    Jen Wilkin

    Are you called to teach God's Word to women? Jen Wilkin shows you why you need a healthy fear and a fearlessness as you take on this awesome responsibility.

  3. Marks of an Anointed Ministry

    Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth

    Teaching God's Word isn't just about conveying information. Nancy shows you why it's important to ask God to transform hearts through your ministry.

  4. The Role of Repentance in the Life of a Bible Teacher

    Eric Mason

    Before standing to teach other women, you need to let God's Word affect you. Dr. Eric Mason explains the power of repentance in the life of a Bible teacher.

Sept. 26, 2015

  1. The Resolve of a Spirit-Filled Teacher

    Eric Mason

    Hear how the Holy Spirit will lead a teacher to use discernment, to maximize time and to communicate with genuine power.

  2. Teaching the Word with a Deeper Knowledge of Him

    Jen Wilkin

    To teach others, you need to have an intimate, growing knowledge of God through His Word. Jen Wilkin offers many practical ways to teach more effectively.

  3. Practical Tools for Studying and Teaching the Word

    Jen Wilkin

    What should characterize our Bible study? What kind of tools do we need? Jen Wilkin lays out helpful tools and practices to guide us as we dig into God's Word.

  4. A Charge to Teach the Word

    Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth

    Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth encourages you to launch out in the ministry God's giving you and meet real needs of women in our day.