The Role of Repentance in the Life of a Bible Teacher

Sept. 25, 2015 Eric Mason

Before standing to teach other women, you need to let God's Word affect you. Dr. Eric Mason explains the power of repentance in the life of a Bible teacher.

Running Time: 51 minutes


Dr. Eric Mason: You ever just been in His presence and you don't want to stop the reprise of the oil? You ever been there where you just say, "I just want to sit here for a while and thank the good Lord"? But this clock is running, and we can't sit here.

But I loved what I was sensing. Let's praise God for this band and everyone who was leading us today. [applause] Amen. Amen. Let's praise the Lord for the ministry of our sister, Nancy Leigh DeMoss. [applause] I'm thankful for your ministry and thank you for the thousands of women that are better because God has allowed you to pour yourself out like a drink offering and continuing that and blessing you and strengthening you and brother, Robert, who's coming up here and going to a serenade ministry. [laughter]

That brother was about to go ahead and …


Scripture References

  • Psalms 57:1-16

About the Speaker

Eric Mason

Eric Mason

Dr. Eric Mason lives in the heart of Philadelphia with Yvette and his three sons, Immanuel, Nehemiah, Ephraim, and daughter, Amalyah. He is founder and lead pastor of Epiphany Fellowship in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and the founder and president of Thriving which is an urban ministry organization committed to training leaders for ministry in cities locally, nationally, and internationally. Dr. Mason is also the author of many books including Manhood Restored (Leadership Kit and Study Guide), Beat God to the Punch, Unleashed, Woke Church, Urban Apologetics, and Nehemiah for You (and companion study).