Daily Reflections

Yours, Mine, and Ours

April 28, 2021 Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth

God is our refuge and strength. —Psalm 46:1

As you read the first few verses of Psalm 46, pay careful attention to the pronouns; they are all plural. “God is our refuge and strength.” Not just mine; not just yours, but ours.

We’re so independently minded in our faith today. We try to do life alone, but that’s not what God intended. I need your faith when I’m in trials and troubles, reminding me that God
is our refuge, our strength, a very present help when we are in trouble. And you need that from me when you’re in trouble. We need to come alongside each other when we’re struggling and remind each other of the truth of who God is.

Psalm 46 was a hymn for the Israelites to sing together—not just one person. Of course, you can sing it on your own, but what a thing to sing it in a sense in community with each other, saying, “I know this is true.” We run together to Him, and therefore we, as a Body of believers, will not be afraid.

Make it Personal

How can you come alongside other believers today and help remind each other of the truths in Psalm 46?