Daily Reflections

The Source of Your Identity

April 19, 2022 Betsy Gómez

God created man in his own image. —Genesis 1:27

Since the Garden of Eden, humanity has turned its back on God and sought its identity in empty sources. Eve’s sin threw her into an abyss that robbed her of the notion of who God is and who she was. Centuries later we find ourselves doing the same. The problem isn’t the search for identity itself; it’s when something that isn’t God becomes the object of our worship.

It can be difficult to recognize those empty sources of identity, but here are examples from my own heart:

  • When I put my hope in my husband and depend on his behavior to make me happy.

  • When my decisions are affected because
    I want to look good to the people I love.

  • When I care more for my physical beauty
    than the state of my soul.

Although these things may be good in themselves, none of them can be the object of our devotion. The throne of my heart only has room for one. What we do or have can never define who we are—only what Christ has done for us.

Make it Personal

What are some empty sources of identity within your own heart? How can you remind yourself of the true source of your identity?