Daily Reflections

Saintly Living

September 13, 2023 Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth

Greet every saint in Christ Jesus. —Philippians 4:21

We sometimes hear the word saint used to describe someone who is unusually virtuous. Some religious traditions venerate individuals who have been officially recognized as “saints.” Yet when Paul wrote to the New Testament churches, he often began by addressing all the believers as “saints” (literally, “holy ones” or “set apart ones”).

When a sinner becomes a child of God, he is born anew. He is set apart to belong wholly to God. He becomes a saint. He is given a new heart, and the Holy Spirit within him begins the process of transforming him into the very likeness of Christ. He’s not perfect—none of us is—but his desire is to please God. Therefore, when he sins, he denies his new identity and acts contrary to the nature into which he is being transformed.

Are you a saint? If you’re a child of God, the answer is yes. The question is: Are you living like a saint? This should be our great longing and faithful pursuit, enabled by the grace of God and the power of His indwelling Holy Spirit.
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Scripture is taken from the ESV.

Make it Personal

How does knowing and embracing this truth about yourself shed light on the wasteful, enslaving qualities of your “besetting sins”?