Daily Reflections

Reviving a Lifeless Bible Study

January 3, 2023 Laura Booz

Your word is a lamp for my feet and a light on my path. —Psalm 119:105

I used to study the Bible with fervor. But after I had my fifth child, Bible study felt impossible. Caring for a newborn and homeschooling my other children took everything I had to give. Instead of Bible study feeling as natural as my own heartbeat, it felt more like wrestling a lion.

However, my former enthusiasm for Bible study was in my memory instructing me that it is possible to love and engage in Bible study. I offer this to you: It is possible to learn how to study the Bible even when it feels impossible.

If you’ve never tried to study the Bible, you may not grasp how much it will benefit your life. You may not know how the Holy Spirit will use it to heal, encourage, equip, and correct you in ways you never dreamed possible or how you will become acquainted with Jesus more intimately than ever before. But I can remember that all these things are true: When I diligently study the Bible, I reap blessing upon blessing.

Make it Personal

How has studying the Bible brought blessing to your life?