Daily Reflections

Getting to Know God

January 4, 2023 Kelly Needham

All Scripture is inspired by God. —2 Timothy 3:16

Visiting my home would tell you a lot about me. Toys are scattered throughout the living room and the hallway is crowded with guitar cases. You would rightly conclude that a musician and children live here.

Reading the Bible is like stepping into God’s house. Everything is there because He wants it there. If it’s in His Word, then it must be important to Him. As I read Leviticus, I’m confronted with the reality there’s a whole book dedicated to different types of sin and their corresponding offerings. If it was important to God for this to be in His Word, I must conclude that our sin really bothers Him and that all sin, no matter how small, must be paid for.

The passages in the Bible that are the most confusing and most surprising actually tell me a lot about God. Instead of skipping things you don’t understand, ask God why that passage is important to Him. Ask what it tells you about His character. Grow to love Him for who He is, not who you want Him to be.

Make it Personal

Are there parts of the Bible you tend to avoid? Read through one of them today and ask God why it’s important to Him.