Daily Reflections

Open Door Policy

July 26, 2023 Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth

“I have placed before you an open door that no one can close.” —Revelation 3:8

The ancient city of Philadelphia was basically a “missionary” outpost, designed to transport Greek culture to a new, rugged continent. But for the church there, Christ said He intended to give them an “open door” of service and kingdom influence.

He promises to do the same through His people today.

Yet you may feel hemmed in by obstacles to what you sense to be His will for you. The doors may be open for some people, it seems, but not for you.

Then wait for Him to turn the key. And be faithful and content with the doors He has opened to you already—doors which may not be the ones you were looking for but are places He can use you.

Those doors we try to force open will carry the marks of our own selfish ambition and shortsightedness. But when we wait for Christ to open a door of service, we can be sure He will grant all the grace we need to handle every challenge that lies on the other side.

Make it Personal

Which doors of ministry has Christ opened to you in this season? Had you perhaps lost sight of these by looking for others?