Daily Reflections

Never Ours

July 25, 2023 Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth

Are you angry at the rivers, Lord? . . . Or is your fury against the sea when you ride on your horses, your victorious chariot? —Habakkuk 3:8

There are aspects of God’s character that make us shudder when we think about them. His wrath is certainly one of those. Though we may prefer to dwell on His grace, peace, love, and compassion, all of which are true, we cannot escape the reality of His justice and the wrath it elicits.

God will punish sin and sinners.

But we must remember that wrath belongs to Him and never to us. Never. The horrible destruction left in the wake of iniquity, the wickedness of those who promote sin and ridicule righteousness, the life-choking consequences of tolerated—and sometimes celebrated—sin . . . all these will anger us and make us want to “do something about it.” But whatever form action may take, let us be sure that we leave the justice and the wrath and the punishment to God.

Make it Personal

How should believers respond to sin in the culture? In the church? In themselves?