Daily Reflections

Never Impossible

December 3, 2020 Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth

“For nothing will be impossible with God.”

The Ancient of Days became a newborn. The One who created the first woman was born of a woman. Though heaven and earth cannot contain Him, He chose to be confined to a human body. Impossible.

Yet in this case, because the story of Jesus’ birth is so familiar to us, we do something we don’t do often enough. We believe the impossible. We marvel at it, and we worship God for it, despite our inability to understand it. Because it’s Jesus and the Christmas story . . . it doesn’t sound so impossible anymore.

As you prepare for Christmas, don’t start with what you already know of the story. Imagine yourself instead in the heart of a young girl for whom the events of Luke 1 occurred on just another ordinary day. She had no way of knowing what God had chosen her to do, much less how He intended to do it.

Yet before her name was written in Scripture— before Christmas became somehow easy for us to believe—Mary believed. She believed the impossible.

Make it Personal

Are you faced with tasks today that seem impossible? How can you surrender them to God and let Him take over?