Daily Reflections

His Sovereignty, Your Shelter

June 5, 2022 Erin Davis

The Lord has established his throne in heaven, and his kingdom rules over all. —Psalm 103:19

There’s a mysterious hiding place that only Christ’s followers know how to find. We can run there when the chaos of a sin-filled world overwhelms us. It’s a cleft we tuck ourselves into when personal struggles make us weary. What is it? The absolute sovereignty of God.

To say God is sovereign is redundant. Of course He is, or He wouldn’t be God. God has supreme authority. He’s in charge. Initially this might not feel comforting. Perhaps you picture a political tyrant who demands absolute obedience. In truth, the sovereignty of God is a pillow we can peacefully rest our heads on at night.

God’s supreme authority is our supreme comfort because if God is in control, we need not be. If God is in control, then the forces that seem to be manipulating our destiny: our health, our relationships, our government, our weaknesses, our heartache . . . all other forces must submit to His sovereignty. Their reach in our lives goes only as far as our sovereign God allows them to go.

Make it Personal

How does the knowledge of God’s sovereignty give you comfort in the midst of the worries and burdens on your heart today?