Daily Reflections

He's Watching Over Us

August 6, 2022 Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth

Esther was taken to the palace, into the supervision of Hegai, keeper of the women. —Esther 2:8

By the time Esther entered into the king’s “beauty pageant,” her young life had already been marked by the tragedies of being orphaned and living in exile from the Jewish homeland.

Though she may have felt alone, separated from all that was familiar, Esther was being watched by someone who deeply cared for her. Each day her only living relative, her cousin and guardian Mordecai, paced back and forth in front of the harem’s courtyard. He had to know how Esther was doing and “what was happening to her” (2:11).

Mordecai’s watchful care over Esther is a picture of God who is the Keeper of those who belong to Him. He faithfully watches over us, never sleeping (Psalm 121:3–4). Though often unseen by us, God’s care is certain. He watches what is happening to us and “learns” how we are doing. He is working behind the scenes, putting everything in place. And in time, He will be the means of upending our enemy’s objectives and fulfilling God’s holy purpose for our lives.

Make it Personal

How does knowing that God is working behind the scenes in your life provide hope for your current circumstances?