Daily Reflections

Rest in His Providence

August 5, 2022 Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth

[Job] was a man of complete integrity, who feared God and turned away from evil. —Job 1:1

The book of Job is a stunning story of God’s control over the happenings in our lives. It opens with a ringing endorsement of Job’s character. Yet this God-loving, sin-hating man wasn’t insulated from suffering.

At the outset, Job held fast to his confidence that God is worthy to be blessed, even when God’s good gifts are removed. As time wore on, however, that confidence sometimes wavered.

Finally, God reminded Job of His greatness, power, and care of the universe. Job responded in awe-filled wonder: “Surely I spoke about things I did not understand, things too wondrous for me to know” (42:3). In other words, “God, You are good. You are faithful. I trust You to write my story.”

Chances are, your story isn’t as dramatic as Job’s, yet your problems and pain are no less real. You may not be able to see God’s plan, but by His grace, you can rest in His providence, confident that He is good; He is faithful. And you can trust Him to write your story.

Make it Personal

What are some ways that you’ve seen God’s hand of providence at work in your own life?