Daily Reflections

The Grace of Rocks

August 7, 2022 Kelly Needham

Joshua set up twelve stones in the middle of the Jordan. —Joshua 4:9

It doesn’t matter how real God feels on the mountaintop, eventually we’ll end up in the valley. This up-and-down faith journey is common to all God’s people. One minute you’re wondering how you could ever doubt God; the next you’re quite certain you’ve made it all up.

The valleys force us to walk in true faith, being assured of the God we hope in when He isn’t seen or felt. God has given many graces for hard seasons (His Word and other believers to name a few), but there’s one I rarely see embraced—rocks.

God’s people have often used stones to commemorate moments when God showed up in a tangible way. When the Israelites were about to enter the promised land, God commanded Joshua to set up twelve stones as a memorial. Samuel placed a stone to remember God’s help (1 Sam. 7). And Jacob set up a pillar at Bethel to commemorate the place God reaffirmed His covenant with his family (Gen. 35).

Physical reminders of unseen spiritual truths are a grace to us.

Make it Personal

How can physical reminders help remind you of unseen spiritual truths?