Daily Reflections

Do It Again, Lord!

September 13, 2020 Erin Davis

It is the time to seek the Lord. —Hosea 10:12

With my own two eyes,
I’ve seen Him do it.
I’ve seen the Lord restore marriages.
I’ve seen Him bring reconciliation.
I’ve seen Him reshape hearts of stone into hearts of flesh.
I’ve seen Him heal.
I’ve watched Him intervene.

That’s how I know that He will do it again—the Lord will send revival. He is able to breathe new life into my own heart, my own family, and His own Church in these days.

In Malachi 3:6, God declared, “I the LORD do not change.” Let’s consider revival through this grid. The greatest indicator that He will send revival is the undeniable fact that He has sent revival, over and over (and over). Our unchanging God has been changing hearts for millennia.

Does your heart need revival? Do your relationships need resuscitation? Do you long to see God’s people restored to a right relationship with Him? Then seek the Lord and trust Him to keep His promises.

Make it Personal

How have you seen the Lord bring revival to individuals? In what ways can you choose to seek Him this week?