Daily Reflections

Absolutely Necessary

January 24, 2023 Laura Gonzalez de Chavez

The precepts of the Lord are right, making the heart glad. —Psalm 19:8

We need to stay in God’s Word and allow it to dwell abundantly in our hearts. It’s a daily banquet available to us. God satisfies us with the abundance of His house and gives us plenty to drink from the river of His delights (Psalm 36:8).

Here are just a few reasons why God’s Word is necessary for the Christian life.

  • It gives you hope. It has power to heal, restore, counsel, revive, and comfort.
  • It transforms you (Rom. 12:2). Staying in the Word with a teachable heart and a willingness to obey results in a transfor- mation of our way of thinking, which in turn affects all areas of life.
  • It guides you. We need to cultivate a daily relationship with Jesus so that He shows us the path we should take and how we should live (Psalm 119:105).

Every single part of the Bible is useful to our lives (2 Tim 3:16)—even the passages that are difficult to understand. Therefore, it’s necessary to read and meditate on it in its entirety.


Make it Personal

How has God’s Word helped to counsel you in the past? How has it revived you? How has it comforted you?