Mary Kassian

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Complementarianism for Dummies

If you hear someone tell you that complementarity means you have to get married, have dozens of babies, be a stay-at-home housewife, don't believe …

Does a Husband Have the Authority?

Culture upholds authority as the right to rule and lord it over others, but Scripture paints a radically different picture about the true nature …

Female Beauty Matters

The topic of woman's appearance is trivial compared to the war on the other side of the world—but given the reality of our culture, …

I Am Woman

We were confident that we would be the first generation to get the meaning of womanhood right.

Plastic Womanhood

With her beauty, clothes, cars, houses, careers, and independence, Ms. Roberts is the epitome of fulfilled womanhood.

Prayers of Thanksgiving

Do I stop what I’m doing, go into the kitchen and give God a huge hug, and bless Him by saying . . . …

Praying Scripture

Do you ever get “stuck in a rut” in your prayer life? Praying Scripture will help!


Until we present our young women with a new and beautiful vision of womanhood, they will continue to pursue the modern sexualized ideal, and …

The True Woman "Click"

The “Click!” or “Aha!” moments are when our perspectives suddenly shift, and we begin to see the whole world in a different light.

The "WOW" Factor

In commanding us to praise him, God is—in essence—inviting us to enjoy him.