An Identity That Can’t Be Stolen

Some days I feel like someone's stolen my identity. Fear starts to paralyze me, shame begins to strangle me, and hopelessness steals my joy. When that starts happening, I know, sure enough . . . I'm experiencing an identity crisis.

I've forgotten who I am in Christ.

So for those days when the liar, the enemy of our souls, fights to steal my identity and leaves me bewildered in the confusion, I've formulated a list that reorients my thinking and helps me recover the knowledge of my true identity.

Sometimes I need to preach this to myself and be reminded of who I am in Christ.

If you ever have similar struggles, you might print this off and keep it in a handy spot to review. On really hard days, I read it out loud, and by the end of this "identity recovery process," my courage is renewed, joy is restored, and the deceitful grip of lies is broken!

(You can click on the links to read the Scriptures that correspond with these truths.)

My Identity in Christ

In Christ, I am purchased and redeemed by His precious blood (1 Peter 1:18-19)!

In Christ, I am forgiven (Eph. 1:7).

In Christ, I am set free from condemnation and shame (Rom. 8:1).

In Christ, I am born again to a living hope through the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead (1 Peter 1:3).

In Christ, I am a partaker in His glorious nature (2 Peter 1:3–4 ).

In Christ, I am given all things that pertain to life and godliness (2 Peter 1:3–4).

In Christ, I am renewed in the spirit of my mind ( Eph. 4:21–24).

In Christ, I am rooted and grounded in love (Eph. 3:17-19).

In Christ, I am able to forgive others as I have been forgiven (Col. 3:12–14).

In Christ, I am able to do all things He calls me to (Phil. 4:13).

In Christ, I am His workmanship created in Christ Jesus and prepared for good works He has planned for me (Eph. 2:10).

In Christ, I am spiritually seated in the heavenly places and operating here with an eternal perspective ( Eph. 2:4–7).

In Christ, I am a new creation; the old me has been stripped away (2 Cor. 5:17–18).

In Christ, I am created after the likeness of God in true righteousness and holiness (Eph. 4:24).

In Christ, I am filled with the power to overcome sin's temptations and strongholds (Eph.1:18–21).

In Christ, I am able to live the victorious life He has provided for me (1 Cor. 15:57).

In Christ, I am able to put on the armor of Light and make no provision for the flesh (Rom. 13:14).

In Christ, I am able to stand firm against the spiritual forces of evil (Eph. 6:10–17).

In Christ, I am able to boldly proclaim the mysteries of the gospel (Eph. 6:19).

In Christ, I am the aroma of life to those who are perishing (2 Cor. 2:14–16).

In Christ, I am able to smile at the future, knowing that my King, who is my Bridegroom, is returning for me soon (Prov. 31:25, Rev. 19:6–7)!

Does it encourage you to be reminded of who you are in Christ?

I hope you'll do more than read the list. Right now, will you run through this list again and express gratitude for each of these truths?

I'd love for you to leave a comment letting me know which of these you need to remind yourself of today!

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