"Courageous" Calls Men to True Manhood

What if there was a tool to help capture the men you know—in your home, your church, your community—and call them to courageous Christianity? To deep involvement with their kids? To stand with spiritual convictions for biblical truth?

Well . . . it’s “coming to a theater near you!” I want to challenge each of you, as True Women, to pray for, support, and encourage your families to see the new film, “Courageous” from Sherwood Pictures. At a recent preview my heart was gripped by this moving story. It would be hard (and embarrassing) to tell you how many times I was moved to tears! But I was deeply challenged, convicted, and moved to action. My immediate response was a desire to leave the theater and go spend time with my children.

Some of you may find it hard at times to know the fine line between encouraging your husband and “over-encouraging” (or “nagging”) your husband in his huge role as the leader of your home. “Courageous” is a simple way to help him find the path to true manhood. It is a message for men by men. I can’t think of a man I know who would not appreciate this film.

So, what can you do? 

  1. Pray! Pray for the film as it opens September 30 around the nation, that it will be greatly used of God. Pray specifically for the attendance on the first weekend which will determine where and for how long the movie will open in further venues. The first weekend is very important.
  2. Go! Ask your husband if he would take you and the kids on a date to the movies. You don’t often have good, clean films to see and this one is a winner.
  3. Encourage your pastor. Ask your pastor if anything special is going to be done to promote the movie. Could your church rent a theater for a performance? It’s possible and being done by many. Is it being promoted at your church? Help him get the word out.
  4. Take a family with you. Everybody knows a family in need. Ask your husband if you could invite a family that you know will benefit from this film, buy their tickets, and make that spiritual investment in their home. Have them over for coffee after the movie and see if spiritual discussions occur.
  5. Write. After the film—if it blessed you—write Sony Pictures, who is releasing this, and thank them for such a wonderful film. Tell them how much you would support films like this in the future. 

We don’t often get a chance like this at our local theaters to see lives changed and families healed. Go to the movies, praying, and let’s see what God will do!

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Bill Elliff

Bill Elliff

Bill Elliff is the Directional Pastor of The Summit Church in Little Rock, Arkansas, and is a frequent conference speaker, writer, and consultant to churches, drawing from more than fifty years of pastoring and revival ministry. He is the Pastor/Church … read more …

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