Monday Morning on the True Woman 101 Video Shoot

Thanks so much for praying for Nancy and Mary Kassian’s True Woman 101: Divine Design video shoot. Please don’t stop! While a video shoot is exciting, it’s also a little crazy, chaotic, and exhausting. All the panelists but Karen Loritts have arrived (she gets in tonight), and Carolyn McCulley’s voice is BACK (thank You, Lord!). 

If you had snuck into our darkened auditorium-turned-video-studio this morning, you would’ve seen black curtains, taped-down wires, video cameras, lights, a teleprompter, recording equipment, and people galore.

You would’ve heard things like,

  • “I get shiny very easily.”
  • “Is ‘gals’ an acceptable term?”
  • “Did you see how white my legs are? They’re glow-in-the-dark!”
  • “How many people does it take to make five women look good on video?”

Yep, definitely girly around here! While the women sat around the table (recognize it from the panel discussion at the True Woman Conferences, anyone?), a host of men and women swarmed them—touching up makeup, adjusting mics, rearranging jackets and blouses, offering content advice.

And the schedule? What’s that?! We were supposed to finish our second video session at 12:30 p.m., but we concluded closer to 2:30 p.m. The women just finished grabbing a quick lunch, changing outfits, and touching up their makeup (you need lots of it when you’re behind all those cameras and lights!).

Their first fifty-minute video session of the day was on True Woman 101's third chapter “Sugar & Spice.” One question the women answered personally was, “As you think about these aspects of womanhood, which one have you found most challenging?” (I’d love to hear your answer, too.) 1) Softness, 2) forming deep relational bonds, 3) having a welcoming, responsive spirit, 4) creating a place to beget and nurture life, 5) being a helper to your man. Here are a couple quotes from that session: 

"I think the fear with biblical womanhood is that God will change or violate our personalities. That’s simply not true. God can take these characteristics we’ve talked about and pour them into any personality type. You’re going to become more you!" --Mary Kassian

“After God creates each thing, He says it’s good. But when He creates male and female, God says it’s VERY good. As we embrace that, we’re going to experience God’s blessings! Not only today but throughout our lives, the challenge is to be women who say ‘yes’—to be responsive not just to other men and women, but to the Lord.” –Nancy Leigh DeMoss

The second video was on “Gender Matters.” The women talked about how God created humans to put His glory on display, how the relationship between male and female tells an amazing spiritual story, how God’s plan for gender is centered in the work of Jesus Christ (it’s not about us!), how our womanhood has profound significance and worth, and that true womanhood means saying “Yes” to who God created us to be. A couple quotes from this session: 

“Your womanhood is not a biological accident.  It’s not a matter of chance. God was intentional when He made you a woman, and He wants you to discover, embrace, and delight in His spectacular design.” –Mary Kassian

“Ladies, do you know how empowering this is? We’ve been called out as co-regents! We’re not second class citizens. We’re equal, but distinct.” –Dannah Gresh

And now they’re back in their seats for two more video sessions . . . Quiet on the set! Cameras ready? Action!

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