Cookies with Mom and Conversations on the Run

At a recent family gathering, I was working alongside my mother who had volunteered to make the gravy. As I watched her bent over the pan, a sudden wave of emotion swept over me. Diagnosed with Parkinson’s a few years ago, the disease slowly steals away more of her mobility, memory, and strength. This was the woman who taught me to prepare dinner for a crowd. It was she who imparted to me the privilege of being female at a time when the philosophies of feminism were significantly distorting gospel womanhood. Listening to the voices of my daughter and daughter-in-law nearby, I was reminded that, while the times may change, our call to influence other women does not!

How about you? Who are the younger women God has entrusted to you to encourage and equip to live out the gospel in this increasingly challenging culture? I remember how hard it was even a decade ago as I sought to pass on godly truths to my daughter while juggling sports schedules, homework, and church events. Although each of these activities had merit, there was a cost. Gone forever were the days I would come home after school and sit at the kitchen table with my mom, eating freshly baked cookies. Only a generation later, it took much creativity, planning, and prayer to find opportunities to teach my own daughter about God’s beautiful design and purpose for her life. And too often, with all the competing voices in her life, I felt like a total failure!

These are challenging days of parenting as the world parades its temptations before our daughters’ vulnerable hearts. Young women are in the fight of their life as confusion and chaos abound. What will our response be? Will we idly sit by while the world tells them anything goes (as long as it feels good), or will we equip and encourage them to “take hold of the eternal life to which they were called”? With prayer and God’s Word, we must do battle with our enemy who wants to steal, kill, and destroy our daughters’ hearts and influence as young women of God. Whether we are mothers, grandmas, aunts, or singles, we must “Be strong in the Lord and in His mighty power” (Eph. 6:10) and fight for this next generation.

Recently, as I was enjoying a cup of tea with my daughter (now a mother herself), I marveled at God’s faithfulness to her and our family. Although many of our important conversations were had in the car on our way to practice, or late at night, God provided what was needed. Now, as a grandma, I imagine I will need to work hard at finding creative ways to speak into the lives of my precious granddaughters. But just as my mother modeled for me, I want them to know what a privilege it is to be one of God’s daughters. Maybe I should start by baking a plate of freshly baked cookies! 

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Linda Green

Linda Green

Linda Green is the coauthor of He Gives More Grace with her daughter, Sarah Walton. The thirty-day devotional offers biblical hope, encouragement, and wisdom for mothers. Linda is married to Ray and is a mother to three grown children.

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