An iPod Changed My Life

Who knew an iPod could change my life?

Holly was a sweet friend that I saw every year or so. My husband and I were on tour in 2008, and she came to one of the shows to say hello. Our visits often left me encouraged, but this was the first time I walked away with an iPod! Announcing that she felt God wanted me to have it, she placed it in my hands with joy. Awesome . . . but kind of random.

Hearing the Word applied with strength and tenderness coupled with the testimony of other women brought changes in me and our marriage that were freeing, fruitful, and lasting.

I expected some new music to enjoy but not much more. One day, I noticed some podcasts loaded onto it and recognized the name . . . Nancy Leigh DeMoss . . . I think I know who that is. So as I headed out the door for a jog one morning, I began a series titled "The Makings of a True Woman." And because of that, my life is different.

As I shared in "The Best Marriage I Never Wanted," my marriage was quite a wake-up call. Fears and insecurities attacked me with such brute force that traveling with my performing husband to his concerts became a war zone from which I often limped away in defeat and despair. Though I embraced the truth of God's Word and was attempting to repent from my pride, I still lacked the ability to navigate the realm of public life that Jimmy's career required. I struggled to trust God and clumsily humbled myself.

"The Makings of a True Woman" series brought clarity to my internal battle. Hearing the Word applied with strength and tenderness coupled with the testimony of other women brought changes in me and our marriage that were freeing, fruitful, and lasting.

I became an avid Revive Our Hearts listener and attended the True Woman conference in 2010. Finding no other friends to attend with, I gladly drove to Ft. Worth on my own and prepared my heart to meet with the Lord.

And God did show up. He spoke to me, convicted me, and invited me into a deeper communion with Himself. I walked away with a journal full of notes, a bag full of books, and a renewed vision of my calling as a woman. God used the True Woman Conference to give me a vision for womanhood that is bigger than myself. A womanhood that is all about Him.

Since attending in 2010, I have grown to love the vision of the True Woman movement and have yet to find a more biblical, Christ-centered, and balanced ministry for women. And this year, I am overjoyed to be bringing along twenty-three other ladies from my church and neighborhood to the conference!

As you contemplate attending this fall, let me share with you a few reasons why I love the True Woman Conference.

  1. Jesus is predominant.
    Too often, women's ministry events are all about women. A Christian version of a motivational speaker screaming "You can do it! You're awesome!" But the call of every man and woman who follows Jesus is to "no longer live for ourselves but for Him who died and rose again on our behalf" (2 Cor. 5:15). The True Woman Conference will remind you that your womanhood is about living for His glory, not yours.
  2. Womanhood is central.
    We live in a country that is remarkably confused about gender. Feminism successfully redefined womanhood in America, turning words like "submission" and "housewife" into profanities. In light of this, it is imperative that we, as Christian women, have sure footing in this issue of womanhood so that we can stand with our feet firmly planted in God's design while the cultural winds are raging. The True Woman Conference is excellent at effectively teaching and training on womanhood from a variety of angles.
  3. Roles are not ultimate.
    Some assume the pinnacle of biblical womanhood is being a wife and a mom. But there are plenty of women who are neither wives nor moms who love God, desire His glory in their femininity, and are living for the Kingdom of God. To limit True Womanhood to wifehood and motherhood is shortsighted. The True Woman Conference has a much broader view of what it means to be a True Woman—transcending the roles we have without minimizing their crucial importance. Because of this, I have always noticed a wide variety of women in all walks of life attending. And I love that!
  4. Prayer is foundational.
    You can have the best speakers, the highest quality videos, and the greatest worship team, but without the Spirit of God, a great conference will accomplish nothing. God alone changes hearts. Don't get me wrong, I have never seen anything but excellence from a True Woman conference in terms of worship, speakers, materials, and breakout sessions. But that is not where the hope is for changed lives . . . it is in God alone, which is why prayer is so pivotal in this conference. I see it incorporated into every aspect of the conference, and I believe this is why True Woman is such a success. Through prayer, they are inviting the living God to come and change lives.

I will be the first to say that you don't need to go to any conference to receive all God has for you. If you are a Christ-follower, you already have the Spirit of God living inside of you and His Word accessible to you. And that is more than enough! But when thousands of women come together to "humble themselves and pray and seek the face of God and turn from their sins," God will respond. And I want to be there when He does!

If you have not yet considered attending the True Woman '14 in October of this year, please do. We all spend our time and money on things that are important to us, whether hobbies, vacations, or careers. Consider spending some of your time and money this year to seek God and learn more about becoming a woman according to God's design and for His glory.

What's holding you back?

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Kelly Needham

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