Millennial Motherhood; Facing a Silent Genocide . . . and more!

A Call to Prayer During Anxious Time

“We live in an anxious world,” Trillia Newbell says. “I can’t turn on the TV or log onto social media without seeing the evidence of how this fallen, broken world has affected race relations in our country and in our world.” We won’t see these divisions fully repaired until Jesus returns, but are we resigned to wait in fear until He does? What if we instead turned our anxiety to faithful action, seeking the Lord to pray together for racial harmony in our country and revival in our churches? Here are some ways to start praying today.

Millennial Motherhood

“Much of what’s true of every generation throughout all time is true of millennials,” Abigail Dodds says. “Yet, just like every other generation, we have some particular tendencies, challenges, strengths, and weaknesses that result from the time, place, and society into which we were born.” Here Abigail describes three harmful characteristics she has observed in millennial motherhood, along with ways millennial moms can seek to align their mothering with God’s Word. Read this post.

Erasing Our Humanity: Facing a Silent Genocide

One article quietly spreading throughout the Internet comes with the disturbing subtitle: Down Syndrome Is Disappearing. Across the world, prenatal screenings that reveal the presence of genetic defects often lead to abortions, but in Iceland, the “termination” rate is now 100 percent. As Josh Wester explains, “This attempt to eradicate Down Syndrome births is nothing less than the systematic extermination of an entire group of people. This is a silent genocide.” How should Christians respond? Read this post.

The Damsel and the Villain

“This is a story, a story about a hero and a damsel, a villain and a scandal.” In this seven-minute spoken word video, Jimmy Needham’s narration of the gospel is captivating. This weekend, sit with these words and let the beauty and mercy of our Savior soak deep into your soul. Watch this video.

Portraits of Superstition

“Horseshoes, wishbones, amulets and crystals, four-leaf clovers and shamrocks are all dangling from our necks, wrists, and rearview mirrors.” Are they harmless? As part of a seven article series, Jessica Pickowicz shines a light on seven “common superstitions that have infiltrated our culture and even our Christianity. Some of these portraits are autobiographical. All of them are worthy of self-reflection.” Check out this series.

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