CSB Bible Project Update May 2023

Peek into the Project

We love sharing sneak peeks into Nancy’s Bible Project. Here’s an inside look at an early draft from the book of Numbers: 

Numbers 16:23–50 God’s judgment against the rebel faction was earth-shattering and unmistakable. His glory that came down to deal with the disturbance (v. 42, see 16:19) invoked dread and fear. Yet even in the midst of judgment, His mercy was showcased as well. As a deathly plague began spreading among the people, Moses and Aaron rushed again to intercede, to make atonement for them, because wrath has come from the Lord (v. 46). In response to their fervent prayers, God halted the plague (vv. 48, 50), leaving everyone in awe of this holy, merciful God.

This isn’t the last time we’ll see references to Korah and his descendants in the Bible. In Jude 11, “those who perished in Korah’s rebellion” are set forth as a solemn warning of the eternal judgment that awaits all those who reject God’s authority and influence others to do so.

And in this revolt and the devastating judgment that followed, there is yet a glimmer of grace. Generations after this incident, the prophet Samuel came from the surviving line of Korah; in the time of King David, descendants of Korah served as gatekeepers in the tabernacle and in its music and worship (1 Chron 9:17–21; 16:4–6, 37–42); and eleven of the psalms in our OT scriptures are attributed to the Sons of Korah.

Make It Personal: If you are pressing against God’s boundaries, be warned. It will not end well for you, or for those who follow your example. But if your family line includes those who have forsaken the Lord and stirred up rebellion against Him, know that their failures do not have to define you. You and your offspring can still be blessed and be a blessing in His service.

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