CSB Bible Project Update June 2023

Peek into the Project 

Nancy has been working diligently on the Bible Project this summer. Thank you for continuing to pray for her—your prayers are a huge encouragement.

We love getting to share excerpts of this project with you. Here’s an inside look at an early draft of Nancy’s notes from the book of Luke: 

Luke 8:1–3 In addition to the Twelve who followed Jesus, a band of women served and supported Him and His ministry. Some were established members of the community, while others were marginalized and easily discounted. Yet Scripture ascribes great value to them and their contribution to His work, going against custom in mentioning some of them by name. 

These women with diverse backgrounds had one significant thing in common: Jesus had healed their sicknesses and delivered them from evil spirits. Their past didn’t keep them from being able to follow Him along with the other disciples and participate meaningfully in His ministry.

Grace, when received, produces grateful generosity. These women wanted to be with Jesus, and they wanted others to experience His power to transform a person’s life, just as they’d experienced it—how He’d forever changed their routines and priorities, their schedules and agendas, the use of their resources. Everything.

Make It Personal: What difference has Jesus made in your life? How is His grace to you reflected in the way you invest your time and resources?

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