CSB Bible Project Update February 2023

Nancy has been working diligently on the CSB Bible project and recently finished editing the first drafts of notes for Genesis, Exodus, and Leviticus—nearly forty thousand words! According to the current timeline, the goal is for Nancy to edit one large book of the Bible or two to three smaller books every week through November. Pray for stamina and the Spirit’s anointing on Nancy and Lifeway Bible team members Dave Stabnow and Lawrence Kimbrough, as they press into this important work.

Peek into the Project

We’ll plan to give you periodic updates on Nancy’s Bible project progress here . . . including sneak peeks into the manuscript! Here’s a snippet of an early draft from the book of Exodus:

3:13–15 “I AM.” It’s a name like no other. It could never be truthfully attributed to anyone else. He alone has always existed in a perpetual present, dependent on nothing but Himself for being WHO I AM. How magnificent is that mighty name! And what grace and love He showed in revealing His personal name to His people. In so doing, He declared Himself accessible and gave us the great privilege of calling Him by name. God’s name—"I AM”—is powerful and it is personal.

3:18–20 God, of course, could immediately have exerted His power over Pharaoh and whisked His people out of Egypt. Instead, He allowed Pharaoh to stubbornly assert his will against God’s authority, again and again and again. Each time Pharaoh could have humbled himself and repented. But each time he refused. He thought he wasgod. In the end, God would bring down Pharaoh’s pride and there would be no doubt as to who was in charge. Both the Egyptians and the Israelites would see the display of His strong hand against a mighty foe and God’s people would experience His redeeming grace in ways they and their children would never forget.

Why does God allow evil people to continue sinning? Why does He not move more quickly to judge His enemies and save His people? God is merciful and He is holy. He inserted Himself into the story of His people in Egypt in the exact ways and the timing that would give Him the greatest glory—as He does in our world and our lives today.

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