CSB Bible Project Update August 2023

Now that we have wrapped up July and are rolling into the month of August, where is Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth? There’s a good chance she’s on her porch in Michigan, poring over her notes for the CSB Bible Project, editing each section one paragraph at a time. During a recent Revive Our Hearts staff prayer time, she described the process as a slow and steady work—one that requires watching and waiting and trusting the Lord to bring forth fruit at the proper time. 

As Nancy continues this process, will you pray for God to sustain her? May He continue to provide His wisdom and grace and remind her of His faithfulness, hour by hour, sunrise to sunset. 

Peek into the Project 

Speaking of the Bible Project, Nancy recently finished her notes on the book of Deuteronomy, and we wanted to give you a peek into what she has been working on! The following excerpt highlights a few features we’re excited about: The bold font emphasizes actual Scripture text from the CSB translation, so that you can read Nancy’s notes with your own Bible in hand. “Make It Personal” suggestions and “O Lord” prayers allow you to apply the message to your own heart.

Deut 26:1–11 Having laid out how God’s people were to relate to others, both within and outside the community of Israel, Moses turns now to how they are to respond to Him when you enter the land. Recognizing that He was the one giving them this land and all of its provisions as an inheritance, they were to take some of the first of all the land’s produce and present it to Him as an offering. They were to express in the presence of the Lordhow He had led them to this point, acknowledging that He alone had given them every good thing they possessed.

26:12–15 Again, in the third year (v. 12), when they brought the extra tithe required for the care of the Levites and to sustain those who could not support themselves (see 14:28-29), they were to offer up a prayer of consecration, asking God to be attentive and to continue to grant His blessing on His people and on the land you have given us (v. 15). 

Make It Personal: Worship, thanks, prayer, and generosity—how fitting that these should flow out of every heart that has experienced God’s good gifts of grace.

26:16–19 Today you have affirmed that the Lord is your God (v. 17), and today the Lord has affirmed that you are his own possession (v. 18). 

Make It Personal: In these twin affirmations we find the motivation and enabling to follow and carefully obey all His commands, along with the promises and joys known only to His covenant people.

O Lord, how grateful I am to be a recipient of Your deliverance, protection, love and faithfulness. I gladly bring to You the offering of my worship, devotion, and obedience.

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