CSB Bible Project Update January 2023

Praise God! After five years of journaling through the Bible, beginning in Genesis 1 on January 1, 2018, Nancy finished the book of Revelation shortly after midnight on January 12, 2023. She describes this journey as one of the most joy-giving experiences of her life. How wondrous are His Word, His works, and His ways! Will you join us in praising God for the completion of five years and for the incomparable gift of His Word? 

On Thursday evening a small group of friends and precious ministry partners gathered with Nancy for “Scriptures & Songs, Coffee & Cookies.” As Robert welcomed the group, he shared the gathering’s purpose. “We are here to celebrate the beauty, power, and wonder of the Word, and to honor it in our hearts and lives.” Nancy, Robert, and friends worshiped together, singing hymns with lyrics taken straight from God’s Word.

Throughout the evening, guests were given the opportunity to share what Scripture has meant to them and what difference it has made in their lives. They heard from Kária, who has been transcribing all of Nancy’s Bible journaling notes, about her experience throughout this journey. Nancy read a selection of her notes and shared the story—one we can’t wait for you to hear in full. 

The evening closed in prayer and with the commissioning of the work to come. Over the next year, Nancy will be working with the Holman Bible Publishers team to excerpt and edit her compiled notes for a new, devotional study edition of the Christian Standard Bible (CSB). 

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