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The God of Heaven Rules

Spoken word artist Blair Linne meditates on the comforting truth that there is power and safety in Heaven’s rule.

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The Best/Worst Day Ever

If we could travel through time to the first “good Friday,” today would not feel like a good day at all.

The Old Testament in One Blog Post image

The Old Testament in One Blog Post

The Old Testament can feel like a hodge-podge of various stories, but with the compassion of God woven throughout, it fits seamlessly together.

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Boost Your Trust in God Today

Human beings have struggled to trust their Creator ever since the beginning. But it is possible to trust God more. Here are five ways.

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4 Signs Your God Is Too Small

God is big. Really, really big. But sometimes, we try to shrink Him. Here are four ways to know if your God is too small.

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Getting God Off the Back Burner

I looked my husband in the eye and said,"I am really busy . . . I just don't have any time. I love you so much, but I just don't have any time to spare."

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Do You Know Him?

Do you know Him personally? If not, this performance from Blair Linne is certain to help whet your appetite for more of Him!

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Amazed by His Wonder

Track Christ’s journey through Blair's True Woman '14 recitation about Jesus, the Christ.

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Is God an American?

July 4th is set aside to celebrate the birth of our nation. It's one of my favorite days of the year.

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Is God Mad at Me?

I've spent most of my Christian life convinced God was mad at me and terrified of the punishment He would hand down.