Freedom, Fullness, and Fruitfulness in Christ

This original recitation by Blair Linne was given at True Woman '14.

We have heard the voice of Freedom.
How He calls Prodigal daughters out of darkness
Pulling them away from heavy-handed grasp of bondage.

Unlocking chains of being weak-willed and demon-filled
as well, those late nights when we are willing to eat temptation up like ice cream—
straight out of the container
unsettling how we can't contain her (our flesh)
but amazing how Christ's power constrains her.

Remember, we have communed with Fullness.
How He resuscitates us when we are left impoverished
heals our greatest need.
Sometimes allowing physical suffering to link arms with us
so we might fall into the everlasting arms of Him in whom we trust.

Our Pool of Bethesda, who revives us
when our fossil faith is dirt dry like brittle bones in Sahara
when the feast feels far removed and we chew on emptiness intimately
like the red velvet rope separating the poor on Thanksgiving
not knowing that God has prepared everlasting food for you,
through His Crimson Cord, He is so giving
the Eternal Meal is here since the Bread of Life is near!

Never forget! We can say we have sweetly tasted Fruitfulness.
regardless of our circumstances
persecutions, difficulties and imprisonments—
We can STILL preach Christ for the sake of reaching the nations
and bear pleasant fruit despite our trying situations.

Never forget, we can summon our Savior when we return home
and find our soul surrounded by serpents
when love remains dormant in the belly of our heart like dried cement.
We can refuse to choose to listen to her lies whispered down the hallways of our mind
her slithery acoustics
which speak of independence.
She says although we are saved, our actions cannot change.
She serenades us with make believe—
crazy the things she tries to make you believe
But Jesus made us so it's HIM we MUST believe.

True women.
As we soon scatter from here, like seeds blown in the wind
returning to our ordained battlefields,

May we walk away as warriors. Women willing to war against wickedness since it was won by
the One who is Worthy—our Wonderful Counselor when the Word's body
was engraved by wrath on wood.
May we walk away and wake up tomorrow . . .
and every day thereafter clinging to His Word,
Bring praise to His name
since Jesus fulfills each of the three—
He is freedom, fullness, fruitfulness—
you see He is our life-giving Tree.

He has never been bound or given to sin,
He is the one who is eternally free.
His Holiness testifies to His purity.
He was the only One perfectly able to uphold the law
when He chose to become sin, it was out of love for His bride,
although they put Him in the grave, we can now say He is alive! (Amen!)

And He is the epitome of fullness. The origin of all goodness
never empty or needy didn't make man because he was lonely
He is the One who is eternally complete
why would the one in Whom all things hold together, need to sit at someone else's feast?
when He owns all things.
They all will bow before Him since He is intrinsically whole
has food to eat, that to us is unknown.
He feasts on Himself, since He is God, alone.

He is the most fruitful of all.
Always displaying the fruits of the Spirit, since they originate in Him
He resurrected because death couldn't hold him
since the wages of sin wasn't owed to Him.

He will never be bound, His throne is pure all around
can't even tempt let alone have a bitter bone in Him.
He is love, joy, peace, kindness, gentleness,
faithfulness, self-control, goodness, and forbearance
He is a beautiful harvest.
His virtue is inherent.
His Holy attributes are marvelous!
He's free. He's full. He's fruitful forever.

That's the way it has been and will always be . . .
So may we find ourselves hidden in Christ our Treasure
Becoming True Women who are full, fruitful and free!


Written for Revive Our Hearts/True Woman ’14. © 2014 by Blair Linne. Used by permission.

About the Author

Blair Linne

Blair Linne lives in Philadelphia with her husband, Shai, and their three children: Sage, Maya, and Ezra. Blair is an actress, speaker, author, and spoken word artist who has toured globally and is known as one of the originators of the Christian Spoken Word genre. Proclaiming the gospel of Jesus Christ through Bible study, speaking, and spoken word is her passion.