Articles, Resources, and More . . . Oh My! (08/28/15)

Heaven's Thrilling, All-Encompassing Worship

Randy Alcorn, who wrote a helpful book on Heaven, clarifies some of the misunderstandings about what worship will be like. Hint: it doesn't include exclusively singing hymns with endless verses.

Bible Study for Busy Moms

My sweet friend Jenna has some sage advice for busy moms—and busy women, in general.

Organic Food, Essential Oils, and the Gospel of Grace

I found this article to be a well-written interaction with topics that can, shamefully, be divisive among many well-meaning believers.

Life is Short. Don't Have an Affair

You probably have heard about the tragic Ashley Madison scandal that has uncovered the infidelity of many spouses. Let's guard and check our hearts so that we don't fall into tempation, as well.

What a Child Needs Most from Mom

Here is good food for thought about what really matters with our children and in our relationships.

Your Gift Changes Lives

Darkness. Fear. Uncertainty. Women around the world wake up hopeless every day. What if you could play a part in bringing them freedom, fullness, and fruitfulness instead? Your year-end gift ensures that we can continue to spread the message that Christ is King and that the way to know Him is through His Word. Spread gospel hope! Donate now.


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