Bonus: Life-Change Testimonials

8 Messages | Total run time: 76 minutes

These stories, which capture how God has transformed the lives of women, will inspire your attendees.

  • Kimberly Wagner - Kim’s Marriage Miracle (Profile Video)
  • Lorna Wilkinson - Lorna’s Story of Forgiveness (Profile Video)
  • Holly Elliff - Holly’s Life . . . Eight Kids Later (Profile Video)
  • Laura Gonzalez de Chavez - Laura’s Vision for Revival (Profile Video)
  • Joy McClain - Joy’s Choice to Stay (Profile Video)
  • Mayra Ortiz - Mayra’s (Not So) Picture-Perfect Life (Profile Video)
  • Vicki Rose - Vicki’s Gnawing Emptiness (Profile Video)
  • Rhonwyn Kendrick - The Mighty Influence of a Praying Mom: Rhonwyn Kendrick’s Story (Video)


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