Becoming a True Woman of Prayer

God loves the prayers of His people. May we become warriors whose prayers have lasting impact upon future generations.

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2 Messages

Mary Kassian and Janet Parshall challenge us to gain perspective so we can pray in power.

  • Mary Kassian - Living from the Bottom of the Barrel
  • Janet Parshall - The Pattern of Prayer
    • ( Total run time: 94 minutes )

4 Messages

Whether we are praying for ourselves or for nations, Mary Kassian, Janet Parshall, Stephen Kendrick, and Dave Butts give practical handles to hold onto in prayer.

  • Mary Kassian - Living from the Bottom of the Barrel
  • Rhonwyn Kendrick - The Mighty Influence of a Praying Mom: Rhonwyn Kendrick’s Story (Video)
  • Stephen Kendrick - Preparing to Cry Out
  • Janet Parshall - The Pattern of Prayer
  • Dave Butts - Praying for the Nation
    • ( Total run time: 192 minutes )

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