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Adorned: Living Out the Beauty of the Gospel Together

Women thrive in Christ when they experience true community. Learn what that looks like and how you can live out the beauty of the call given to women in Titus 2.

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These videos are a perfect complement for a small group study through Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth’s book Adorned: Living Out the Beauty of the Gospel Together. Each twenty-minute teaching video corresponds to a chapter in the book and is prefaced by a five to ten minute drama.

Total run time: 277 minutes (14 messages) 102 minutes (14 dramas)

  • Acts of Renewal - Message 1 (Drama): The Storm
  • Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth - Message 1: A Woman Adorned and Adorning
  • Acts of Renewal - Message 2 (Drama): Wise Woman Bake Off
  • Mary Kassian - Message 2: Doctrine, You, and Titus 2
  • Acts of Renewal - Message 3 (Drama): Modeling
  • Susan Hunt - Message 3: Don't Give Up on That Modeling Career
  • Acts of Renewal - Message 4 (Drama): Dorcas
  • Susan Hunt - Message 4: Grow Up & Step Up
  • Acts of Renewal - Message 5 (Drama): The Cooking Lesson
  • Mary Kassian - Message 5: Revival of Reverence
  • Acts of Renewal - Message 6 (Drama): You Don't Say
  • Dámaris Carbaugh - Message 6: You Don't Say
  • Acts of Renewal - Message 7 (Drama): Healing Indulgent Excess
  • Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth - Message 7: At Liberty
  • Acts of Renewal - Message 8 (Drama): Pretty Okay Café
  • Mary Kassian - Message 8: A "Sophron" State of Mind
  • Acts of Renewal - Message 9 (Drama): Purity
  • Dannah Gresh - Message 9: Passionate About Purity
  • Acts of Renewal - Message (Drama) 10: The VBS Meeting
  • Betsy Gómez - Message 10: Taste of Heaven
  • Acts of Renewal - Message 11 (Drama): 'Til Death Do Us Part
  • Dannah Gresh - Message 11: Need Help Lovin' That Man
  • Acts of Renewal - Message 12 (Drama): Submit or Resist
  • Robyn McKelvy - Message 12: An Unexpected Blessing
  • Acts of Renewal - Message 13 (Drama): Motherhood
  • Robyn McKelvy - Message 13: Life-Givers in Training
  • Acts of Renewal - Message 14 (Drama): The Good Part
  • Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth - Message 14: Instruments of Grace
    • ( Total run time: 379 minutes )

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