Nancy Leigh DeMoss: Mary, we've known each other a long time now. And there's a particular word that you have added to my vocabulary. I've heard you use it quite a few times. I think you exemplify this word maybe better than any woman I know.

Mary: I don't know about that one.

Nancy: It's the word "amenable."

Mary: Amenable. It's a good word, actually, because it's based on the word "amen," which means, "yes, so be it." So, in a way, agreeable. Agreeable is another way to say that word. But amenable is just to have a disposition where you are agreeable and easily leadable.

Nancy: And I've watched you even on this production of this series on True Woman for radio and for video. There are so many pieces and parts of this behind the scenes that we've had to deal with, and people working on our hair and our makeup and our wardrobe and the way we sit and the way we look and the way we talk and earrings on, earrings off.

You are just "Okay. Okay. Okay. Sure." And I look at you, and I think this is a quality that we see in the text Titus 2 that we've been looking at. And this is where we have to go to get our plumbline, our standard for what it means to be a woman of God.

And so, back to Titus 2. Older women are supposed to model this life of biblical womanhood. And …