Mary Kassian: What? Oh!

Nancy: Mary, it looks like you have a call.

Mary: Oh, you guys!

Nancy: Somebody really special.

Brent Kassian: Happy Anniversary, Sweetie!

Nancy: Hold on, hold on so everybody can hear this. Today is Mary's thirty-second anniversary. And I asked you a little bit ago if you had talked to Brent yet, and you said, "No, we had an early call time." And so look who's here live and in person on Skype.

So, thirty-two years ago what was happening right about now?

Mary: I was probably just getting dressed because the ceremony was at five because I wanted everything to be dark because it was Christmasy, and all the lights and all the candles and poinsettias were all over the church.

Nancy: So Brent, thirty-two years later, what do you love and appreciate about Mary that you didn't so much realize back then?

Brent: Well, I think some of the things that you realize and appreciate, they just get better. For me, anyway, it's been a little bit like a fairy tale. I know it hasn't been perfect, but I still have to poke myself. It still seems like a fairy tale. Maybe I'm a romantic at heart, but it's true.

And it's also true that a couple, a family, that prays together, they stay together, and they play together. It's true. It's really, really true. So the Lord has such a wonderful plan there. I've got to poke myself today. I can't believe I'm …