Nancy: As we think about this study we’ve done together over these weeks, I just wonder what part of this study has been particularly impacting to you? Something that really encouraged you or challenged you or just a takeaway.

Kim Wagner: Well, first of all, I’m just thankful that you wrote it. I think that this will be so helpful for women just to put handles on: What does it mean to be a true woman? What does it mean to be a woman? What does God expect of me? Can I really start to apply His Word to areas of my life where I struggle? 

Maybe the last chapter was my favorite because it launches us off into the future, the journey that He has us on and gives us hope for what He wants to do.

Holly Elliff: I had a hard time actually deciding which part was my favorite because all of this has been so core to my life in the last decade since we started talking about all this stuff. It was hard for me to separate it into what I loved the most. But I especially like the chapter

that talked about women’s lib. For me, understanding those things turned a light bulb on in my head about the connection between what I was seeing in the lives of women and what they struggled with and what needed to happen with that and how God might want to change that. And so, I love that part. I also love the last chapter because it’s not really the last chapter, and there is so much more that I believe God wants to do in this area among Christian women.

Nancy: It’s kind of where to from here.

Dannah Gresh: Well, I wholeheartedly thank you for a kick in the seat of the pants.

Nancy: A what?

Dannah: A kick in the seat of the pants. It seems to be that every True Woman event I attend or every resource that I read I really do feel the conviction, not the condemnation, but the conviction of the Spirit. And in this particular case, it was in the chapter when it was talking about how our desire is towards our husbands. And you phrased it this way. You said, “God is saying to the woman, you have the urge to control, resist, oppose, and act against your husband.” And, oh, did I feel like you wrote that about me.

Mary Kassian: She has written in the margin, “Wall.” She hit a wall.

Dannah: Right—wall. But praise God, it’s not a brick wall because it never is when the blood of Jesus is applied. Whereas you were intended to function as one in harmony and peace and unity, there is a barrier between you. I really did see a picture of the wall that I create with every act of authority.

But you know what’s beautiful is that God really said to my spirit. He said, “Dannah, it’s a wall of foam. If you can just apply the truth that I’m pouring into your heart and the accountability through the sisterhood, this is a foam wall. You can walk in the unity and harmony that I created you to walk in.”  So I’m always grateful when you guys hit me over the head with a little truth.

Mary: You can’t write it and not be hit over the head with a little truth. I mean, I’ve lived in this material for how many decades, months, and writing it for decades . . . it didn’t take us decades.

Nancy: It just felt like decades.

Mary: It felt like decades sometimes. We spent months on this, and I dealt with it so many times. And yet when you go back to the Word, I just found, a fresh . …