Nancy: I counted on my sink counter this morning twenty-seven products.

Mary Kassian: Oh my.

Nancy: And that didn’t include what was in my makeup bag. These were just the ones that were sitting out—I mean, what price, beauty. Right?

Mary: Well, sadly, the older you get, the more you need.

Nancy: Well, I’m at twenty-seven at latest count.

Karen Loritts: Golly, and remembering which things go on which and which layer and . . . aaaaah!!!

Erin Davis: First you spackle, then you prime, then you . . .

Mary: And then you’ve got to take it off at night.

Karen: Put your face in the jar, right?

Holly Elliff: Well, if you’re a mom, and you have a bunch of kids at home or a bunch of little kids . . .

Erin: Forget about it.

Holly: You don’t spend a lot of time on makeup. Actually, Erin told me I had to tell this story.

Erin: Every mom doing this study is going to love this story.

Holly: I was driving two hours away from my house to speak at a women’s event. About thirty minutes away from Little Rock, I realized I had no makeup in the car, and I had no makeup on.

Karen: Oh.

Holly: I was going to put it on as I drive.

Nancy: Holly, don’t be telling that part because that’s dangerous.

Holly: All my kids know I do that. Anyways . . .

Erin: She just does it at the …