Nancy: A number of our friends are going to be joining us for these True Woman Table Talk discussions.

Mary: Girlfriend time.

Nancy: Let me introduce you to the three guests who are with us today. On Mary’s left is Erin Davis. Erin is a wife and mom of two little ones. We have women in different seasons of life. I love that.

Mary, you have young adult sons, and Erin, you have little ones.

Erin Davis: Very little, yes.

Nancy: You’re our (I don’t want to say token, because that sounds like it’s not important), but we needed a younger woman. 

Erin: I’ll take it if you’re going to tell them I’m young.

Nancy: Enjoy it while you have it, because, as we’ve all learned, it doesn’t last.

Mary: It doesn’t last.

Nancy: But you have such a heart for teenagers, for young women. You’re passionate about that, and you’ve helped us be passionate about it, too.

Erin: That’s good, yes.

Nancy: And so Erin Davis, and then in the middle, Holly Elliff. Holly and I go back a long ways. We’re longtime friends, sisters, and you have eight children and six grandchildren.

Holly Elliff: I do.

Nancy: Then to my right is Dannah Gresh. Dannah, you have teenagers and young adult children, kind of in that age range.

Dannah Gresh: I still call them my babies. They’re always your babies.

Nancy: We had the privilege of writing together, Lies Young Women Believe. And what a journey that …