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Week 5: Grace: God's Provision for Every Need

So, ladies, my fellow researchers, reachers, listeners, and fighters, just in case you were wondering, no, it is not time to give up. It is not time to walk away from this conference even though you may be feeling a little discomforted right now. It is time to press in, to lean in, and see what God has for you.

It is kind of like a massage. That’s how I feel at this point. I think so many of you have been giving stuff up and praying and crying that it might feel sort of like a deep-tissue massage. You know what I mean?

You finish your massage, and you’re laying there on the table, and they say, “You may get dressed now.”

And they leave, and you are laying there. When you go to push yourself up, your eyes are, like, swollen. You know what I mean? You're congested. You’re just, like, “Oh my word. That was great!” But you throw your legs off the table, and then you get dressed. It can happen.

So right now you may be feeling a tad congested. Maybe you feel all of that stuff is moving around. Your massage is good. Things moved around, shook things up, but maybe you are feeling spiritually congested. Maybe you’re, like, “This is not exactly what I was hoping I would be feeling right now.” 

Okay? Doesn’t it feel like you just had a massage? But all that junk is floating free. It’s getting ready to be and should be expelled. So don't leave your appointment groggy and cranky. There are some instructions you need to get.

I pray God has been doing and continues to do a deep work in your life and in my life during this conference and beyond it. And sometimes His deep work can feel so uncomfortable even if you know good things are happening. It is a beautiful thing to realize that we need to change, to expel some things. That realization comes from God.

And now I get to share the good news: The rest of your massage experience at Revive is going to get easier. Why? Because of grace. Grace.

It is because of God’s wonderful grace that we are convicted of sin and want to forsake it.

Because of His grace, our eyes are drawn to the things that are lodged in our lives that He wants us to be free from.

Because of His grace, we will be leaving here prepared to face whatever circumstances are awaiting us at home.

It’s even because of His grace that we want to be free.

Because of His grace, He sets us free to live grace fully.

The definition of grace (from says “the free and unmerited favor of God as manifested in the salvation of sinners and the bestower of blessings.”

Oh, it's unmerited, all right. What unbelievable compassion from God to give us this sustaining gift so freely. It flows into us when we ask Him for it. It moves into every place where we need it. It’s the right temperature for all circumstances. It can be hot and malleable to meet us in the fire. It can be warm to heal and to comfort, cool to refresh. However we need it, it is always there when I ask for it, and it has never run dry yet.

There are two reasons, two reasons why you might really need this life giving grace right now.

The first one is grace for sin.

You, perhaps, feel a little overwhelmed at all God is showing you about your sin this weekend? 

  • You might need grace today because you’ve become aware of a sin that you have finally repented of. God’s grace …