Watch Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth teach through each day of
Week 4: Repentance: The Big Turnaround

Mary Kassian [she is dragging a large luggage cart filled with suitcases across the platform]: How many of you packed a suitcase to come to this event? How many of you overpacked!? (laughter) Okay, who had to sit on their suitcase to get it closed? A few of you. 

And I don’t want to forget about you ladies at home and in groups. How many of you left clothes lying all over the floor? How many outfits did you try on this morning before you left the house? Well, about ten o’clock—late at night—the night before we flew to Indianapolis, Dannah and Nancy and I were texting each other about our wardrobe and packing woes!

So, Dannah talked about humility. We’re going to let you have a look at some of our texts. [video starts with Dannah Gresh, looking sadly at her phone].

Dannah [on video]: Just because one suit fit does not mean my wardrobes problems have been solved! I have so many problems! [Mary and the ladies laugh as the camera zooms on to Dannah’s bed piled with clothes and her open closet nearby] Look at my bed! Nothing there fits. Look at that! Nothing there fits, nothing there fits.(whimpering) I’m getting hysterical!

Mary [video moves to Mary at her home, her bed and the bed in the guest room]: Hey, girls, it’s the pre-conference packing woes! Yeah, there you go. (ladies laugh) …