"Life Based on Instragram"—drama that goes with sessions 7–10.

Dannah Gresh: I want to ask you . . . I’m going to tell you. I’m going to talk to you about cravings, desires, and appetites—oh my! (laughter)

Now, I’m going to list four food groups for you, and I want you to select one of them and place yourself in a food group. The way you place yourself in that food group is when you have no self-control whatsoever with that item, that is your food group.

For example, last night I ordered some rice and butternut squash and kale to my room. That sounds healthy and wise, doesn’t it. (laughter) They also included a half loaf of warm, crusty bread. (laughter) Enough for my whole family, and I ate it. (laughter) So I am a carb girl.

That is one of the categories.

Maybe you're a sweet girl. Maybe you’re a salty food girl. Or maybe you are a carbonated beverage girl. What category is your food group that you just could not live without?

So, where are my fellow carboholics? (applause and cheering) Uh, huh. Okay, girls. The next time somebody delivers a hot, crusty loaf of bread to your hotel room, you need to tell yourself that it’s not what you really need. Your body is sending you a signal, though, that you need some chromium. So you should probably instead eat some broccoli. (laughter) Oh, yeah, that's going to happen.

Where are my sweet …