"Deceived"—drama that goes with sessions 1–3.

Jackie Hill Perry: I didn’t know that this was the tenth year of celebrating the Revive Our Hearts conference. I find it funny that video was showed before I spoke, because it was ten years ago in October when the Lord rescued me from my sin. (applause)

And a year after that is when I met the woman who discipled me—a woman by the name of Santoria. She introduced me to Revive Our Hearts through the workbook that Nancy wrote called Seeking Him, which is when I found out that I was more prideful than I could ever imagine. (laughter)

I’m grateful to be here. I don’t think I would ever have imagined that God would rescue me and given me to Him, but also that He would use me to empower other women to love Him well. So I’m grateful.

But, anyway . . . if you are on social media at all, specifically Instagram and Twitter, you most likely noticed that everyone has a bio section on their page. If you’re not on social media, the bio is the area where people put what they want you to know about them.

My bio, for example, says, “Disciple. Wife. Mother. Writer. Teacher. Poet.” Because that’s what I do. Other folks might have, “Bad cook. Great Dancer. I don’t really know, but you get the gist.”

The bio is our chance to learn about someone before we choose to follow them …