"Deceived"—drama that goes with sessions 1–3.

Mary Kassian: How many of you were ever in Girl Guides, or any kind of club where you had to win or earn merit badges? I was in Pioneer Girls, and there were all sorts of merit badges to earn. You could earn everything from sewing and baking to art, sports, citizenship, and I remember going out to a camp to earn my orienteering badge. We went out to the wilderness with a group of girls.

Now, orienteering is about using a map and a compass to find your way, especially through unfamiliar territory. Now, the needle of a compass always points north. You may not know that if you weren’t in orienteering. (laughter) Orienteering teaches you to orient yourself to this reliable indicator. It enables you to stay on course and make it to your destination.

There were a few things that I learned while orienteering. First was how easy it was to get thrown off course when you’re in a forest and having to go around trees and through culverts and scrambling over rocks.

And the second thing I learned was how important it was to check my compass often to make sure I was going in the right direction. The slightest deviation, even by just a few degrees, would take me off course, and I would miss going where I needed to go.

Truth is like the needle of a compass. God has given us the Word of God. …