Watch the drama that accompanies this message: Purity

Dannah Gresh: I have to tell you that when Nancy asked me to talk to you about the subject of purity, I got really overwhelmed. I love this topic. I have studied it for about twenty years, and I have this much content [huge], and she gave me this much time [tiny]! (laughter)

So we are not going to be doing “Purity 101 for Dummies” today. We are going to go to the barrier, the boundaries that God gave me were to find the topics and the truths that He wants us to embrace about purity right from the chapter we’re in, in Titus 2. When I dug in, there are some really neat things.

But since I have just such a little bit of time, I kind of need to get right to the point on one thing, and that’s this: I am not the poster child for purity. Can you identify? Maybe some of you in this room, like me, have spent some of your life not adorned in the gospel, but “adorned” in a cloak of shame and pain and secrets.

So many times, the bondages that women experience in their lives are related to the topic of purity, which isn’t only about sexuality. But so much of our pain is about sexual impurity. It’s not just the world that’s broken . . . it’s us! Let me share with you some statistics.

One thing that just breaks my …